Wesley Eddison



Blood Status:

Half Blood

Best Subject(s):


Interesting Tidbit:

Was turned into a werewolf

Physical DescriptionEdit

Wes has a fairly tall, athletic build. He has straight thick dark brown hair that comes down to his ears, dark blue eyes, and he usually wears his Ravenclaw robes.


Wes is smart and clever, as most Ravenclaw's are. He is pretty easy going and laid back, but pays close attention during class, not wanting to miss anything important. Therefore he knows lots of spells, potion, charms, etc. His best class is Charms, his worst is Herbology.

Backstory Edit

Wes has known about the magical world all his life, and loves it. He pities muggles for having to get along without it. His dad taught him a few charms with his own wand when Wes was younger, and that is why he likes the subject so much. His dad works for the Ministry of Magic in the Auror department. His mom, although a muggle, is involved with the magical world too, running an owlery business from her house.

Story HooksEdit

Wes is terrified of fire, and has practiced Aquamenti a lot, just in case

When Wes finishes Hogwarts, he wants to be an Auror like his dad.

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