The Fowler Family

Current Head:

Robert Fowler (III)


Violet Fowler (formerly Grey)


Bartimeus Fowler

The Fowler Family has a long and rich history. It's roots can be traced back almost as far as the founding of Hogwarts itself. Their magic has always been pure, and carefully guarded to be kept as such. Any members who fell outside those bounds were, most properly, cut off from the family and their lines abandoned to whatever fate they might find.

Robert Fowler III and Violet Fowler (nee Grey) Edit


Robert Fowler III, age 20

The current head of the Fowler family is Robert Fowler III. Born the 16th of August,

Violet Fowler (formerly Grey),aged 21

1929, Robert was the first born and only son of Joslyn and Bartimeus Fowler. As such, he was raised with the expectancy that he would one day run the family. That day came, in his opinion, too soon, as his father passed away just before his 21st birthday. That was the year 1950. Fortunately his father had been the soul of moderation and had left the family's assests in good condition. Robert would continue to do so.

In 1953, he married Violet Grey, of the Aberdeen Greys. A good family, a good name, and a beautiful woman. As the only male still carrying the

name of Fowler (or at least, the only male that deserved it), it was incredibly clear what was expected of him and his new wife. He had no intention of failing in that regard, and, two years later, a son was born, called Robert, after his father. Soon a daughter followed, named Amber, but the poor little thing caught dragon pox. At the time there was no cure, and she passed a way before her first birthday. Robert Senior and Violet were heartbroken.


Julie Windhall (nee Fowler), aged 19

A series of miscarriages followed, and the family dispaired at ever having a second child. However, ten years later, another girl was born. She was named Julie, and she lived. In 1985 (she was 20) she married Johnathon Windhall. At the time of this writing (2018) she has three children Violet, Johnathon and Agatha. Her two daughters are both married and each have a child. Johnathon is not yet married, but an engagement has taken place and the wedding is expected to take place during the summer of 2019.

Violet's husband, Samuel Cloak, passed away two years after the death of their only child, a son named for his grandfather Johnathon. Samuel was killed in a duel. A violent and angry man, he had many enemies and was not careful with his tongue, which often landed him in hot water. The Robert III, while he mourned for his granddaughter, could not be sad to lose the connection.

Robert Fowler (IV) was the golden child. He was charming, sweet, and handome. He had his father's eyes and his mother's good looks and seemed destined for greatness. From an early age he showed talent on a broomstick, mastering the basics well before his fourth birthday.

He was intelligent as well, his tutors always spoke most highly of him, and though he had a mischevious, cunning side to him, he was not cruel. By the time he entered Hogwarts at the age of 11, his parents were confident that he would only increase the quality of the Fowler name.


Robert Fowler IV, aged 13

As a matter of course he was sorted into Slytherin, and was soon at the top of his class.He was a popular boy, made friends quickly within his house and with those outside of it who were worthy of becoming friends. He started out as a Trailblazer in his first year and by his 2nd had made the house quidditch team.

Quidditch was where his passions truly lay. He was an excellent chaser, his agility on a broom allowing him to escape many a tight situation. Slytherin won the house cup every year he was on the team.

Towards the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts he and a few friends were letting off some steam after exams. He was showing off a new trick he'd been working on when he lost control of his broom and fell 15 and a half meters (approx. 50ft). He broke his neck and died instantly. He was 15 years old.

Bartimeus Fowler and Dorothea Fowler (nee Bancroft)Edit

After the death of their heir, Robert III and Violet were crushed. It meant the end of the Fowler name, the end of a line that had lasted hundreds of years. It meant failure in their duty to their family. Years past, Violet grew no younger, and they believed all hope was lost. Until, nine months after a rather interesting party, another child was born. Violet was 41 years old. Bartimeus was a miracle.


Bartimeus Fowler, age 26

In looks and manner he was the complete opposite of his older brother. He took after Robert III's father, for whom he was named. He was a more secrative person, less cheerful and open to the friendship of others. He was loved by his parents though, and was treated as what he was to them: the last hope of continuing their name.

He grew up deeply aware of this. Though the lost Robert was rarely discussed at home, Bartimeus felt his loss in the weight of his parent's expectations. Violet was incredibly protective of her only son, and it was good that he never had a want to fly, as he was never allowed to learn anything past the basics.

When he went away to school he had a bit more freedom, which he appreciated greatly. He began to make friends, though they weren't always the types of friends his parent's would have preferred him to have. They had a tendency to turn a blind eye towards reports of his misdeeds, he was too important for them to do otherwise.

He passed through Hogwarts with fairly decent grades and fell into a Ministry position easily. In 2002, when he was 26 years old, he married Miss Dorothea Bancroft. Dorothea was part of a small pureblood family whose wealth had been wasted away through generations of mismanagement. It was a step up for her, and she is proud of the line that she has joined.

Two years after their marriage began she gave birth to a son, named Robert. Barring any unforseen accidents, the family name was now secure. Five years later the couple welcomed the birth of a daughter, Elisa.


Robert Fowler, age 14

At the time of this writing Robert is 14 years old and Elisa is 9. Robert, like is father, is aware that the future of the family rests on him. His grandparents assume that he is happy with this lot. To them, Robert is the picture of pureblood pride and is one with the wishes of his family. If they knew what sort of friends he kept at school, they would be horrified.

Elisa Fowler, age 7

Elisa is a timid girl, terrified of her family. She has a tendency towards dreaming which her family, especially her grandmother, disaproves of. Her mother and grandmother are fiercly protective of her. Elisa was sickly when she was younger and Violet has know too much loss to be anything other.

Her mother, who had lost a sister at a young age shares Violet's fears in his. Elisa does not leave the grounds without a guardian at her side, and even for somthing as simple as walking within the protection of the gates, she must have someone attend to her at all times. Elisa has never known privacy, and would not understand the concept if it was put to her.

She and her brother are responsible for the future of the Fowler Family and their choices (and the choices made for them) will determine and shape it's direction for quite some time.Fowlerfamilytree