The BallroomEdit

copied from a LoM post: 

Christmas Eve had come at last. At the Fowler Manor, preparations for the party were in full swing. Servants and house elves hurried every which way to put the final touches on decorations, hors d'œuvres, and the stunning sparrow shaped ice-sculpture that had been placed on the punch table. 

The splendor of the ballroom could not have been matched anywhere. Golden chandeliers, ornamented with crystals, hung from the ceiling, their many candles casting a brilliant light over the polished floors. Round tables, covered in dark blue cloths were grouped near the partially mirrored walls. Each held a flower arrangement made up of Robert Sr's best winter collections, enchanted to last the night without wilting. The base of each vase gave off a warm glow, banishing the shadows the petals would have cast. 

In one corner a piano had been placed, along with chairs for the small group of string players who would be arriving shortly.

High windows on the western wall overlooked part of the rose garden, which had also been filled with 'fairy lights' and would make for a lovely walk if any of the guests desired a bit of fresh air. The flowers themselves had been coaxed into bloom and supplemented with hellebore to make the garden as beautiful (and colorful) as it could be in the middle of December. 

The Guest ListEdit

While many of the top brass of the wizarding world (at least, those who had the heritage to deserve the name) were in attendence at the ball, we simply cannot greet them all by name. Below are the ones who's names and faces history recalls. In order of appearance:

The GuardsEdit

The security team at Fowler Manor was led by Sergeant Joel Patterson, consisting during the Ball of a North, East and South-West team (referring to their positions on the perimeter) and a personal guard detail for Hayley Harrison.

Aurors that are mentioned by name, in order of appearance, are:

Auror ...

  • Burns
  • Royce
  • Moline
  • Sandrup
  • Boufiz
  • Jamal

It's likely there were more but they were never mentioned.

Auror Sandrup was killed in action during the attack.

Major DevelopmentsEdit

Sophie and Christopher, who had been having some trouble through the holidays, make up and seem comfortable within their relationship about half way through the ball. 

Scarlet has met, and seems to have taken a shine to Hugo Coldwater, a family friend of the Fowlers and new Hogwarts student (he was expelled from Avalon for reasons that have since been hushed up). His intentions towards her are unknown. 

Ela met a boy; a young man named William Morsely. He's an Avalon student who has promised to keep in touch. 

Hayley was kidnapped by Maze and his followers. No one is quite sure how they managed to infiltrate the security system. 

The attack resulted in two deaths (Auror Sandrup, age 34 survived by his wife and daughter, and a Cirlce of the Wolf member* whose identity remains unknown and whose death seems to be self inflicted) and several injuries amongst the aurors and a few of the guests including Robert and Scarlet. Two members of the Circle of the Wolf were taking into custody and are being held for questioning before their trial and sentencing.