Try-outs were held in the first week of spring semester of fourth year to replace Johny Fisher as beater on the Ravenclaw quidditch team . Fisher had had an unspecificed falling out with the team and Robyn Hunter in particular, and was kicked off the team.

The short timespan and rushed nature meant only three aspirant beaters showed up:

The try-outs consisted of three tests.

  1. Flying a course around the field as marked by a series of floating hoops that seemed to be made of a "bubble-like material"
  2. Protecting yourself from a practice bludger while making a circle around the field.
  3. Protecting a fellow team member from a practice bludger as they cross the field. In order of the aspirants above, the team mates were played by Matthew Irons, ???, Sophia MacMillan and Scarlet Irisa respectively.

The try-outs were organised and presided over by Robyn Hunter, the captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team.