Michael Boot



Blood Status:

Half Blood

Best Subject(s):

No information

Interesting Tidbit:

Has a long lost half brother who is also studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

note: this profile is an updated version of Michael as he is in Fourth Year

Physical DescriptionEdit

Michael is very tall for a fourteen year old, standing at about 5'10, getting his height from his magical side of the family. He has a runner's legs, coming from all the years of soccer he's participated in, and a rower's arms, coming from all the practice he's put into being a Beater. He has deep brown hair that falls in waves over his forehead, and olive green eyes.


Michael Boot


He is very sure of himself, and cocky. He knows that he's good looking, and uses it to his advantage. He also has a very flirtatious personality, which gets him into trouble. You could describe him as a pretty boy, but a well rounded one, being athletic and brainy also. Extremely adept in the art of sarcasm, and very protective over friends and loved ones. He is the owner of a huge ego, and when that ego gets bruised, watch out...he has a very bad temper.


Michael was born a half-blood. His father had run out on his mother after he had found out she was a witch when Michael was 5. Michael and his little brother were brought up by there mother and were homeschooled, partly Muggle lessons, partly magic. Michael rarely ever sees his father and doesn't have a good relationship with him.

Story HooksEdit

Michael disappeared during his Second Year at Hogwarts, on a field trip to Norway. He avoids the subject at all costs, and is very vauge when the subject is brought up. He is back for his Fourth Year of magical schooling, with a few secrets this time around...