Glenister Spokeshafe - played by Finn CullenEdit

"There's no point hoping for Michael to ask I'm afraid," he said, missing his cue entirely, "he's trapped like an electron in the perpetual field of the nucleus that is Scarlet. I'm sure you'll have many offers of dancing however, in fact I'm sure of it. Not only are you attractive and approachable, you are also new to the school and that in itself would make you intriguing." - pg 101

""A game?" said Glenister curiously. "Fascinating. Will it be something challenging like Rock-Paper-Scissors-Basilisk-Inferius-Phoenix-Muggle, or something shallow and titillating like spin the bottle?"

He was an expert at one of those games and hoped it would be chosen." - pg 480

"Glenister's experiment in applied trigonometry had not gone well.

He had taken a handful of snow and with meticulous care begun to compress and shape it, his tongue between his teeth in concentration. He worked it, shaped it, turned it, and smoothed it.

"The perfect sphere," he said with triumph.

He was then pelted with dozens or hundreds of snowballs in a split second from a variety of angles, ending up resembling an Ice Golem.

"mmph... those were highly imperfect projectiles.." the Ice Golem whined." - Pg 77

"Glenister had finally managed to emerge from his snowy cocoon, like a damp and gangly butterfly. Having learned his lesson about standing in the open he took shelter behind a tree and started forming a second snowball.

Tongue between teeth.. shape, compress, smooth, turn... Another perfectly spherical snowball. He saw a group of Hufflepuff beings in a defensive huddle and smiled a thin cruel smile such as Rommel might have smiled if his Panzer division had come unexpectedly up against the flank of a small platoon of ill equipped meerkats.

"Distance, six meters, elevation relative to me.. plus one point two meters. Weight of projectile.. eight ounces.. Windspeed... negligible."

He threw the snowball.

It went three feet and landed on the ground. The Hufflepuffs saw the movement and turned to face him.

"How odd.." Glenister said looking at the remains of his missile.

A second later the barrage struck him.

Ice Golem 2: Return of Mr Snowcone." - Pg 78

Othello (Otto) Muhn - played by Alexander BackwoodEdit

"Nobody is a 'nobody', Hayley Harrison. Remember that." - pg 1 of LoM- The Headmaster's Study

Scarlet Irisa - played by Scarlet IrisaEdit

"Why is life so complicated? You don't know how lucky you are to be a cat." - pg 131

Serenity Williams - played by Alexander BackwoodEdit

In response to Hayley Harrison's comment "no wonder all the guys love you"?

Serenity beamed at Hayley. Then she turned to Annie and said in awe, "That's, like, exactly what you said! Oh my god!"

She looked between the two girls with her mouth hanging open. Then she sagged a bit and said slightly guiltily, "Oh, I wasn't really supposed to say that, was I?" - pg 485?

Walter York - played by Hayley HarrisonEdit

Borage has a soft spot for people who can talk at length about the importance of peppermint - pg 607