Matthew James Sokol



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Matt plays as a beater on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Matthew, who goes by Matt to most, is very tall for a fourth year. He has sandy blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He has a very charming smile, with perfect white teeth. He has an athletes body, very lean, and lots of muscle. He is described as handsome by most, blessed the good looks that seem to run in his family.

Matthew Sokol


Matt is a trademark Gryffindor. He is very brave, not backing down from any sort of challenge. He fiercely protects his loved ones, prepared to do anything possible to keep them safe. He always stands up for the weak, bullies are his biggest pet peeves. He tends to act without thinking, rushing into situations without thinking them through. His good looks, and magical skill also make him overconfident. He thinks he can do anything, even it seems impossible, or extreme.


Matthew grew up in a small house in the countryside of England. His father was a Muggle, and his mother was a witch...although, his father didn't know. His mother hid all items from her magical past, and never practiced magic at home. Matt didn't start showing signs of his magical ability until around age five. One day, he was playing with his toys, when all of a sudden they started floating around his head. His father walked into the room, and his face paled. He packed up his things, and after an intense discussion with his mother, went out the front door, and never came back. He grew up an only child, attending Muggle school until he received his Hogwarts letter.

Story HooksEdit

Does this story sound familiar? Michael Boot's father is a liar, and a sneak. While he was married to his mother, he was having an affair with another woman, and unknown to him, another witch. He got both women pregnant, and Michael and Matthew were born within a month of each other, Michaelbeing the elder of the two. Mike took his mother's maiden name, Boot, while Matt kept his father's name, Sokol. They have been attending the same school for four years without knowing the other existed...but that is about to change...

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