Hazar Nichols



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Interesting Tidbit:

Her father is an archealogist

Hazar was only around for a few posts, and we never got much of her story.

"Hazar Nichols, sometimes called “Haz”, is the offspring of Muggle archaeologist Sinclair Nichols and Sabaa Ghazal, an Egyptian woman he met while working at a site in Nubia. Hazar spent the first year and a half of her life with her mother until Sabaa’s untimely passing, at which point she was brought to Greater Manchester, England, to live with Sinclair’s aging parents. At first, they were uncomfortable with her presence in their home, but they grew to love her and raised her while her father continued his research in faraway countries. His appearances in Haz’s life are infrequent, leaving her plenty of time to think up questions about her mother in between visits. Despite her persistence, he has given her few answers. The mystery only deepened for Haz when she received a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Her grandparents, though shaken, are doing their best to be supportive; her father has been strangely silent about the matter. Haz cannot help but wonder where, exactly, her magic came from.

Hazar likes to do her own investigating and, while she’s comforted by facts, her imagination is active- sometimes too much so, as she tends to be a little paranoid. Haz is passionate about learning, but gets stressed easily and takes frequent study breaks. She has a small frame, chin-length dark brown hair and expressive eyes."

-copied from her character profile here .