Hayley Harrison



Blood Status:

Muggle Born

Best Subject(s):

Transfiguration and Arithmancy

Interesting Tidbit:

Is absolutely enamoured with old muggle talkies

Early LifeEdit


Hayley Harrison

Miss Hayley Harrison was born on July 7th, 2004. She is the eldest in her family, and only has one sibling. Her half-sister, Samantha, is 7 years younger than her.

Her parents divorced when she was 5, around the time she started showing magical talent. She shocked (literally) her father when he went to put her in time out (she has a sneaking suspicion she was the reason for the divorce, but has never confirmed it). From that point forward, her magic became more pronounced, though it was actively discouraged. Samantha, only 4 when Hayley left for Hogwarts, already shows signs of following in her footsteps.

Her family did not want her to attend Hogwarts, or any other school of magic for that matter, and it was only after a semester of begging, pleading, and magical outbursts, that she was able to get away.

First YearEdit

Hayley Harrison entered Hogwarts the spring semester of her first year. She was sorted into R

avenclaw, where she became friends with many of her housemates including Scarlet Irisa , Sophie MacMillan , and Robert Fowler . There were others as well, Michael Boot , Glenister Spokeshafe , Desmond Warren , and Wesley Eddison , but they are not so close.

Her first semester was an interesting one, filled with little crushes, dances, and intrigue. One of her new friends was put into danger just by being around her, but she didn't know that at the time.

Not all of her friends were friendly with each other either. Scarlet and Robert seemed to be always at each other's throats. Mike and Scarlet were on and off and had a tendency to blow up and then get back together it seemed. Scarlet always was in the middle of things.

All and all, Hayley was a bit lost, but she was happy, surrounded by the things she had wanted most, and her future seemed most promising.

Second YearEdit

Hayley's second year of Hogwarts started out well enough. With Robert Fowler's help, she was able to attend a pre-semester vacation at Sophia MacMillon's home. It was quite a bit of fun, involving silly chatter, make up and pranking the boys.

That was not to say there were not problems with it. Desmond Warren's family collapsed and he became a darker person. Sophia learned that Robert did not return the feelings she held for him, which both hurt Hayley and confused her, as she too was beginning to feel something for the Fowler heir.

She came to understand, however, that Robert was not to be spoken to in public. She was threatened upon her return to Hogwarts by an older student, one Seamus Cloak . Cloak was a Slytherin student, and a pure blood, who, in the interest of Robert's family and his own love of bullying, had decided that a Fowler should not sully his reputation by befriending a mudblood like her.

The threats included physical violence on both Robert and herself, and even Robert's being removed from the school for choosing her as a companion. She was terrified, and backed off. She and Robert still found time to be together though, and the threats only brought them closer together in the end.

She met her friend Elavial (Ela) Mirkwood on the train that year, Later on Hayley would consider the pyschic empath to be one of her closest friends, one of the few she could trust with anything,

That year she also met Othello Muhn , known to her as Otto. Otto would prove to be one of the most important friends she would ever make, though his introduction to the group as Sophie's future husband was not a happy one.

He was kind to her, however, and always willing to comfort her when she needed it most. He was a light for her in the darkness, a dragonfly, as he once put it.

That year was also the year she came into the notice of The Beast Lord Maze. Or at least, it was the year he first made contact. Maze is interested in Hayley, though it is unclear why.

At the Halloween masquerade, when Hayley was searching for Robert, Maze attaked her. She was knocked unconscious and was saved by Otto, who saw it happen and came immediately to her aid. While she was out she saw a boy who was also an owl, but she does not remember that well.

A few weeks later, again trying to speak to Robert, she was attacked again. This time by Maze's griffen, Morgana. She and Robert had been stupid, and had gone into the Forbidden Forest to meet.

Robert was badly injured and they very nearly did not survive it. Someone came to their aid, but she is not sure who or how. Later they told her she saved his life. She doesn't see it that way. In her worst nightmares, she relives those moments.

It is that disaster that led Robert to remember the Room of Requirement. From that point forward, when he and Hayley would meet, it would be there, safe away from the eyes of the world.

That first semester there was also a trip. The students were taken to study at a lake in the north. This was the last they would see of Mike Boot until fourth year, though they did not know that at the time.

It was their return though, that is most memorable.

The Ravenclaw Common Room was destroyed, and Otto was taken by Maze. It was then she discovered that he had been charged with her protection. That Mayhew, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, should have left a 13 year old boy as her defender seemed unthinkable to her. She was angrier than she had ever been.

The rest of the year seemed trivial to her. It was uneventful, mostly, though she did find a rather magnificent room during her Easter Holidays. It's at the top of the astronomy tower, and she used it was her own private get away.

Things were getting dark indeed.

Third YearEdit

(we skipped this year in play, so what follows is cannon only as it applies to current situations)

Hayley's secret room at the top of the astronomy tower came into good use this year. She was able to hide a friend there, someone all had thought lost. Otto Muhn. He was missing a hand from his encounter with Maze, but otherwise unharmed.

She is the only one who knows he is there. She doesn't mind that, it keeps him safe. Her

guilt at her part in his kidnapping has been driving her into depression and knowing he's safe helps her to deal with all the other problems in her life.

She continues to be unable to see Robert unless they go to the Room of Requirement and lives under the constant fear of Maze. She no longer goes outside the castle unless she must, and then never alone.

Her owl, Limerick has been unused since the end of second year. It would be too easy for Maze to use him, and, if she is perfectly honest with herself, she is as terrified of him as she is of every other animal.

Fourth YearEdit

Fall SemesterEdit

The fall semester of Hayley's fourth year at Hogwarts was one filled with pain and joy. New friends were made, adventures were had, and, towards the end, everything seemed bright.

At the start of the semester, Sophie and Robert devised a plan that would (hopefully) allow them to escape the torment of Seamus and stop Sophie's grandmother from arranging another marriage. Hayley, after some discussion and two secret meetings in the Room of Requirement agreed to the plan, though she secretly hated the idea as much as she hated the torment they were trying to escape from.

The plan involved lying to her friends, subjecting herself to Seamus's ridicule at Robert's having seemingly abandoned her, and, worst of all, having to watch the boy she loved pretend to date someone else. She could hardly stand it.

Hayley sought solace in her visits to Otto, in her time with Ela, and in her new friends. Scarlet couldn't seem to understand that Hayley was 'okay' with Robert dating Sophie, and was not much of a comfort and the very sight of Sophie caused her only pain.


Hayley Harrison

Despite the help of her friends though, she continued to sink into a state of depression, and could not seem to keep her head up. She lost her appetite, was plauged by nightmares and was more prone to burrying herself in her books than was normal even for a Ravenclaw. She began researching human transformation and animagi, and learned to produce a patronous. A dragonfly.

Professor Esquire (Arithmancy) noted this with some concern, as he knew the situation with Maze and thought she was bending under that pressure alone. He put together and academic group that would allow her and other talented pupils to learn magic beyond their year. It helped.

Hayley was able to research freely and practice her magic as she liked, with help from professors. It was a great distraction for her.

At the same time she was also helping Ela learn to control her empath powers. They had not used to be a problem for her friend, but at the loss of her Tarot Cards, the power was getting out of hand. She could hardly stand to be in a crowd without the emotions of the masses taking over her head. Hayley offered to help. Her emotions were always high those days, and while not often good, were easily picked up upon, especially should Robert or Sophie walk into the room.

Another welcome distraction to enter her life that semester was the addition of three new friends; Serenity Williams and Annie Sutter , a pair of Gryffindors, and Walter York , an Hufflepuff. Annie and Walter were also in Esquire's academic group. Annie taught her to perform a dissollusionment charm, which she used once to tease Robert in the Room of Requirement.

Fourth Year also brought a new enemy into the group. A fourth year Slytherin boy named Caleb, who had a fondess for doing Seamus's dirty work. He targetted Hayley and Scarlet specifically, and hardly needed provocation to teach them a lesson of sorts.

Towards the end of the semester things began to get better. The whole lot of them were invited to Fowler Manor (Robert's family estate) for the Christmas holidays. Robert, with Sophie's consent decided to end the fake relationship between her and Robert for the sake of their friendship and to end the misery of those involved. .

Scarlet had found out about the plan anyway, thus jepordizing the whole thing with what Hayley thought was the worst acting imaginable. The group had a row about the matter, with a lot of unjustified anger on all sides. Hayley was angry with Sophie and Robert for having made the decision to tell Scarlet without asking her. Scarlet was angry it had been kept a secret and that Hayley was angry at Sophie for telling her (though this was also fueled by her deepseated jealousy of Sophie). Sophie didn't seem to be angry at all, just upset.

Hayley Harrison

Hayley Harrison around the age of 14

Hayley accused Sophie of endangering all of them by entrusting Scarlet with the secret. She felt that Sophie had nothing to lose from the plan being found out. She would suffer, Robert would suffer, and Scarlet would suffer, but Sophie would come out of it unscathed. Such were and are Hayley's views on the subject.

They managed to recover from the fight, and make up, though Hayley still does not trust them as she used to.

After that things calmed down around Hogwarts. The group of friends (including the new introductions and Scarlet's cousin, Christopher, who arrived about a month and a half before the end of the semester) had a rooftop sleep over. Spin the bottle was played, much to the amusement of all. Glenister Spokeshafe, who was also in attendence, turned out to be remarably good at it.

Currently, Hayley and the group are at the Fowlers and the story will continue from there....

Christmas at the FowlersEdit

The first week of vacation leading up to the Christmas ball was pretty uneventful for Hayley. She and Robert had concocted a family history for her, relying on a name in a history book and an invented illness to keep the questions at bay and it seemed to work fairly well.

She got closer to Elisa , Robert's younger sister, who seemed to look up to her.

Hayley was comfortable there, she felt protected. The manor was protected by a team of aurors in addition to the usual enchantments. There had also been s few other shields put in place as well, specifically one that one keep animals from getting onto the grounds, making it safe for Hayley to enjoy the outdoors for the first time in months.

The night of the ball finally arrived, and Robert's family had come to the conclusion that Hayley would suit their purposes rather well, an idea that was cemented into the minds of the public when she entered the ball on Robert's arm.

The night was going well, other than a small ambush by some overly curious guests and an uncomfortable conversation with Dorothea Fowler. She was rescued from said conversation by Annie and Robert and after a little more conversation, she, Annie, and Elisa decided to go for a walk in the gardens while Robert went to dance with Scarlet.

After and encounter with a couple looking for a more private place, and a rather confused house-elf telling Annie that her grandmother was looking for her, Hayley and Elisa were left alone in the garden. Hayley would have returned to the house, but the house-elf had also informed her that Robert would be out in just a minute.

That was when the attack started. Hayley disollusioned Elisa and bid her to hide, but in so doing lost any real chance she had in defending herself. After attempting to run, Hayley was taken by Maze to an undisclosed location.

The story of what happens there can be found here .