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Glenister is the son of research wizard Hieronymous Spokeshafe who mysteriously vanished during an experiment in his laboratory. The laboratory and a hundred yards around it vanished too. The explosion may have had something to do with it. Glenister was raised by his Muggle mother from then on (he was six at the time) and despite her own lack of intellectual prowess, and her deep fundamentalist religious beliefs, Glenister has taken much more after his father. He has always been bookish and lives in a world of ideas.


Glenister Spokeshafe, age 14

Glenister is intelligent. That is pretty much the defining factor of his personality. He knows lots of things and has a very keen mind and good memory. Socially he is sub-troll level, having no understanding of the normal things that people, especially children, do. He is apt to be annoyingly blunt, totally oblivious, or charmingly curious about the simplest things.

He is a tall boy for his age, but thin and frail looking. He has a narrow face with blue eyes, and a small mouth. He wears his dark hair short so it requires no effort to maintain (there are more important things to do than attend to such trivial matters)

Although he has no interest in the ongoing social whirl of teenage life it has recently been discovered that he is a surprisingly good kisser. Even more surprisingly he enjoyed the experience too. What experiments and research this may lead to has yet to be discovered.