A Life of Magic takes place outside the world of the Roost. It follows its own timeline, has it's own heroes, villians, and plot. They have nothing to do with threads outside of those marked LoM.

This page is designed to give the player the general knowledge that their character would possess.


(event contributions for an actual event timeline are welcome)

For the main student characters of LoM, first year began in the fall of 2015. Currently the students are in the spring of their fourth year (2018). This is not concurrent with the Roost, which plays, if I'm not mistaken, within the timeline of the HoL school year.

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LoM has a different faculty from the rest of the roost rp section. Some professors are played in both places, but it is important to remember that they are alternate universes. And as such, do not overlap.

The exception to this rule is Madame Pomfrey, in the hospital wing, who is apparently immortal and will serve as nurse forever.

The current headmaster of Hogwarts is ex-auror Charles Mayhew.

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General KnowledgeEdit

A fellow fourth year or older student who has been attending Hogwarts since the beginning of thier education (or really even just beginning in their second year) would know the following things:

  • At the end of the fall semester of second year a student, Othello Muhn (Ravenclaw 3rd year), was kidnapped from the Ravenclaw Common room by the dark wizard known as Maze (aka The BeastLord)
  • The forest and lake are out of bounds to students starting in the middle of October 2018. No reason was given.
  • Maze is on the rise, though this would be a vague concept to most students, unless they have been specifically looking into it.
  • If your character is especially talented or clever in a specific area, they may be a member of an academic group that focuses on honing idividual skills. This group is run by Prof. Esquire. Known members can be found here .
  • The knocker on the Ravenclaw Common Room door is named Arnold, and he requires that you solve a riddle to get inside. He's also rather funny sometimes.
  • There is a rumor floating around the school that Hayley Harrison of Ravenclaw has something to do with Maze. It is now common knowledge that she is under some sort of protection and is not allowed to walk the corridors alone. This has now been confirmed as of the Spring Semester of 2018
  • Seamus Cloak is one of the meaniest bullies in Hogwarts, he disdains anyone with dirty blood and is not above phsyical violence. If the character is not pure-blooded, they probably know very well to avoid him and his goons,
  • Pure-bloods in the LoM universe are still trapped under the tradition of arranged marraiges. This causes quite a few problems.
  • Hayley Harrison , a Ravenclaw fourth year, has been kidnapped by Maze. 
  • If the character is in Esquire's academic group or has a talkative friend in said group: Elavial Mirkwood made a real prophecy during a meeting in the fall regarding the 'most precious bird being taken from the birdcatcher's nest' 
  • There is a portrait in the Hufflepuff common room named Sebastion, though he goes by Bas, and he is rather nosy.
  • A list of current Ravenclaw quidditch players can be found here , other lists will be forthcoming.