Franciscus Maze is a dark wizard and one of the main antagonists of A Life of Magic. He is most known for his ability to control and communicate with animals. Most of what is known about him comes from books some of the students found in the library.

"Very little is known about the wizard Fransiscus Maze due to his secretive rise to power and abrupt fall. Also known as "Therion" or "The Beastlord," Maze terrorized Eastern Europe from sometime in the 90's till his disappearance.His signature, which was found near the victims or on their door frames, was a white paw print with 3 scratches over it. In the beginning his victims almost always showed signs of animal brutality. Bite marks, claw marks adn scrathes being common. Towards the end of his time the increasing amount of 'wizard' attacks showed that his group of followers was growing."
As his power grew, there were an increasing number of attacks in Germany, France and even Great Britain. He was eventually defeated by Ophelia Baker, though the exact details of their battle remains unclear. He disappeared and has not been heard from since, and she went back to living a quiet life with her family, free from the constraints of fame.

In-story BackgroundEdit

Starting at the main characters' arrival at Hogwarts, there were signs that he had returned, even though the student body had no knowledge of this.

Maze's first appearance in the story is at the second year Christmas Ball. Disguised as a student, he tries to kidnap Hayley Harrison. The attempt is foiled at the last moment by third year student Othello Muhn and Hayley has no lasting injuries. No one can explain why Maze's first course of action out of obscurity is to target an ordinary second year.

A second attempt to kidnap her occurs when Hayley arranges a secret meeting with her boyfriend Robert Fowler in the forbidden forest. Maze directs his pet giant griffin Morgana to attack Robert and Hayley, helped by some of the forest animals, most notably wolves. Robert is severely wounded