Fowler Manor is the estate of the Fowler family. In its current state it consists of the main house, seated atop a hill and overlooking the surrounding Welsh countryside, and a smaller house at the foot known as Fowler House.

Fowler Manor (Main house)Edit

The manor has undergone many changes throughout the generations of Fowlers living there. Wings were added, destroyed, renovated and occasionally simply demolished because the lady of the house thought it was unsightful.

Currently, the house has three floors (two proper ones and an attic) and is made from dark stone with a slated roof, giving the building a dark-grey appearance.

The main building and attached wings include many different rooms. Noted are (in order of appearance):

  • The Lupis Room (bedroom on the second floor, and Sophie Macmillan's room during her stay)
  • The Velvet Room (bedroom on the second floor, and Hayley Harrison's room during her stay)
  • The main lounge
  • The North Lounge (aka The Glass Lounge)
  • The Grand Ballroom

Fowler HouseEdit

This house was built during one of the goblin revolts by then family patriarch William Fowler. He wanted his son and daughter close and safe and isnisted that they come live on the grounds. Since then, traditionally the eldest son and his family live in Fowler House.

The house is built in the same architecture as the main building but only has two floors and is not nearly as big.