Felix Felicis (also known as Flix) is the baby hippogriff Scarlet found on the edge of the Forbidden Forest in her Fourth Year. Flix was badly injured and abandoned by her mother, and if Scarlet hadn't of found her, she would have most likely died sooner or later. Scarlet took her in and keeps her in a large hidden room in the castle, that no one else appears to have found yet, and feeds her using meat given to her by elves in the kitchens, and also helps heal her, using spells that she either already knows or has looked up in the library.

Flix was only a couple of weeks old when Scarlet found her, but now she's about 3 months old, and just under fully grown. She's almost completely healed with only a slight limp on her right back leg. She's learnt how to hunt, and now since her major injuries have cleared up, Scarlet has been trying to get her to fly.

She's mainly white and gold, with darker brownish coloured feathers on the underside of her wings. She has golden feathers on her chest down to her back legs, with some dotted on her back, and then covering most of her wings, while the rest of her feathers are white. She has bright orange eyes, and while looking intimidating and ferocious, she trusts Scarlet completely, because as Hippogriffs are highly intelligent creatures, she knows what Scarlet has done for her and will remain extremely loyal to her.

Felix Felicis learnt to hunt at about the age of 2 months, as she was getting much bigger and Scarlet was struggling to get enough food from the kitchens to carry on feeding her. She catches her opponents using speed, stealth and agility more than force and violence, because she is a naturally gentle creature, who only resorts to violence when the situation calls for it.

Felix Felicis