Elavial Mirkwood


November 5th, 2004





Best Subject(s)

Charms and Divination (since third year)

Interesting tibit(s)

She dislikes chickens, has poor eyesight and finds it hard to remember dates and names.

Early LifeEdit

Elavial Mirkwood was born to muggle Erik Mirkwood and pure-blood Marya Mirkwood (nee Zare) on November 5th, 2004. She was the youngest in her family, until at the age of 7, her older squib brother Avian Mirkwood, of age 16, lost his life in a fatal car accident on January 13th, 2011, making her now an only child.

Ever since they eloped, her parents lived a magic free existence and tried to shelter their children from the wizarding world. That all changed when Elavial at the age of 6, shuffled her mother’s tarot deck in mid-air!

Physically, Elavial is olived skinned, a common trait of the Zare family, and amber eyed. Her curls are chesnut brown with a few braids tangled within them

First YearEdit

Young Ela
Upon entering her first year at Hogwarts, Elavial was sorted into Ravenclaw. But not because of her intelligence (althought that played some part of it) but for her ability to admire the individuality of people. She believes that everyone has the right to wear what they like, believe what they want and say what they feel. She values anyone who marches to a different tune. She made friends quickly and succeeded in her classes. She spent her free time meditating, with friends down by the lake, near the greenhouses and tarot reading, a hobby that always made her feel at ease. Unfortunately, due to pettiness and the inmature discussions caused by her fellow friends trying to one-up everyone, by the end of the first year Elavial had distanced herself from that group of friends.

Second YearEdit

Third YearEdit

Forth YearEdit

Seer Abilities Edit

Elavial made her first prophecy, indicating the depth of her abilities as a seer, the morning of of their first day of Second Year.

"Dark times are gathering like clouds above the towers of Hogwarts. Evil, in fact, is already within its walls. Before the shortest day has past, a life will find a violent end. He who struck fear in the hearts of many will return from the ashes. Dark times are gathering."

While unbeknownst at the time, her prophecy foretold the kidnapping and possible murder of Othello Muhn and the return of Franciscus Maze.

Her powers only grew as she continued to study at Hogwarts. Before the start of her Fourth Year, her mother took away her Tarot card in an effort to help her control her gift, this resulted in her gaining empathic abilities. Her ability to feel the emotions of others is often debilitating and as a result she suffers from painful headaches.

During her fourth year she begins to explore her gifts, and during a meeting of Esquire's academic group makes another prediction, this time forteling the kidnapping of her friend Hayley Harrison by Maze from the Fowler's home over the Christmas holidays.

"Winter shall fall upon the nest and the mailcious shadow shall take the most precious bird from the bird catcher."

After that, she deliberatly chose to use her gift to help locate her friend. With the help of Walter York, she was able to use a potion to enhance her abilites and see Hayley try to escape and fail. Unfortunately, she was unable to get enough of an idea of the location where Hayley was being held.