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Annie's music collection includes everything ever produced by the little known wizarding band The Boiling Cauldrons

Early LifeEdit

Annie was born the 5th of April, 2004 into an already large family. She was the 3rd of what would eventually come to be 5 children. While technically a pureblood, her family does not really conform the the standards and traditions their bloodline would imply.

Her paternal grandfather was a half-blood, and he had raised his children to respect both worlds equally. His son was no different, even choosing to divide his business between the two worlds. Annie and her siblings were brought up in both magical and muggle. They were read both Cinderella and The Fountain of Fair Fortune; they followed quidditch and played in the junior football leagues (as far as they wanted to, anyway).

Annie was closer to her father than she was to her mother due to an early love of music. Her father is a music producer and through him she was able to experience a wide range of artists and styles. She picked up the guitar when she was about 7, and had a pretty decent singing voice as well.

Annie met her best friend, Serenity, when she was 5 years old. She had bumped into the other girl in the park near her home in Hogsmeade. Serenity had asked if she wanted to play, Annie had said yes, and that was it. They've been friends ever since.

Years 1 - 3Edit

Annie entered Hogwarts at the expected time and was sorted into Gryffindor quickly, though the hat did consider Ravenclaw for a moment. It could tell she was clever, but thought her stout heart made Gryffindor a more suitable choice.

To her joy, Serenity was in her house as well and the two continued thier friendship. There were many little adventrues of the sort Gryffindors always seem to find themselves in, but nothing they couldn't get out of without a little effort.

It was fairly obvious from the getgo that Serenity was going to be the more popular of the two. Annie had a tenency towards shyness and Serenity seemed to love the attention. Boys were always interested in her pretty friend and Serenity never really minded that. Annie lived somewhat in Serenity's shadow, but she didn't care that much. She had friends, she had classes, and she was content.

In her third year she was made an alternate for the house quidditch team, and finally got a chance to play during the last game of the season. She'd caught the snitch, securing both the house cup and a permanent spot on the team for her fourth year.

Fourth YearEdit


Annie Sutter, age 14

Annie's fourth year brought a few new things into her life. A guy finally looked her way, and he was nice, though it didn't really last long. Truth be told he was good for a friend, but she didn't really see him that way.

Fourth year also brougth new friends in the introduction, through Hayley Harrison, to a group of Ravenclaws. She knew Hayley from joint classes and from Esquire's academic group, of which she was a member. The new friendships let to a lot of fun, but also some concern.

Annie was quick to notice Serenity fixing her gaze on Robert Fowler, a boy who seemed quite unavaible. She worried was her headstrong friend would do to get him and cautioned her against it.

During one of Esquire's meetings she taught Hayley to cast a dissolusionment charm. Annie had been working on them for ages and needed to practice undoing them, which was less exhausting if she didn't have to do both parts. Hayley seemed happy to oblige and Annie can now cast them perfectly, and was pleased to see her teaching abilites had Hayley casting them almost as well (though the Ravenclaw's tended to have more of a wavering to them).

Her mother's mother is planning on taking Annie to the Fowler Christmas party, and so the story will continue from there.