Prof. Bumbershoot, Hufflepuff Head of House


Subject Taught: Herbology

Other duties: Head of Hufflepuff

Description: A short and dumpy woman who appears to be in her early sixties (she's actually much older) and dresses in practical if inelegant clothes - always with a pair of sturdy wellington boots.

Personality: Professor Bumbershoot is a kindly and understanding woman, though she can be a little absent minded on any subject not related to magical plants. She's a little bit biased in favour of Hufflepuff pupils (of which she was one) but not to the point of unfairness or prejudice.

Quirks: She always carries an old black umbrella which doubles up as a walking aid, and a place to keep her wand, spare seeds, and stray specimens. It's not a good idea to open it up above your head without checking what's currently inside it.

---- copied from the roost professor profiles